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Animating Appalachia…

During the completion of the introductory and advanced workshops for our 2018 Animate That! program, we are hosting a pitch competition, in which members of the community will “pitch” story ideas for a five minute stop-motion animated short feature highlighting the culture and communities of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and southwest Virginia.

You’ve got a great story about the culture of our Appalachian community.  Tell us the idea.

This short feature will be produced in 2018 and 2019 at The Wolfbird with a crew of interested community members (including any workshop alumni who want to participate). The resulting animated short feature will be entered into several film festivals as a collaborative artistic expression of Appalachian community culture.

We’re not officially launching the competition until April, but we wanted to go ahead and do a “soft launch” to give folks time to come up with ideas and ask lots of questions about the process.

There are just a couple simple things to do to create a pitch:

First, tell us about your personal connection to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina or southwest Virginia.

For example, our founder Ben Erlandson was born just down the road in Elkin, NC.  He spent a lot of time on Stone Mountain, Doughton Park, Grayson Highlands, and elsewhere hiking around the Appalachian Mountains as a kid and young adult.  He went to school at UNC-Asheville, living in Asheville twice for a total of six years, trout fishing in probably every river and stream around.  His family has had a place in Glade Valley since the 1990s, and he moved back to Glade Valley from California in 2014.  On his mother’s side, his family roots in North Carolina go back to before the founding of the state.  These days he spends as much time as possible backpacking and hiking off-trail in the same mountains, practicing nature photography wherever he goes.

Second, tell us your pitch idea in about 500-600 words.

Maybe you want to tell as story about barn quilts, real quilts, or homesteads?  Or a story about an old store that used to be a community gathering place, the old Glade Valley School, or what life was like before the war?  Maybe a story about the evergreen industry up here?  Maybe about farming, then and now?  Maybe about some legendary character?

Be sure to save a few sentences at the end to tell us why your story would be a good fit for a five minute animation.

How can your story be told in five minutes using animation?

Submit Your Pitch!

There are two ways to submit a pitch to the competition:

  • Use the online form
  • Download and print the paper form, fill it out, and mail it in or drop it off at the Blue Ridge Business Development Center.

Each pitch submitted requires a $10 entry fee for the competition, with a limit of three pitches per person.

Got Questions?

Shoot us an email, or track us down on Facebook and send us a message.