Araniska Storms 2021

This video is a collection from 2021 of timelapse sequences of rainstorms crossing Araniska, a location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This is a comparison of two timelapse capture techniques using the GoPro Hero 8 Black, both in video and photo modes. Can you tell a difference?

Which technique do you prefer? Straight to video inside the camera, or raw photo capture processed and sequenced in post-production?

One of the things Wolfbird founder Ben Erlandson likes most about the GoPro camera series is that fact that these little machines are waterproof.  This means we can stick them out into weather situations where we wouldn’t dare put a more sensitive DSLR (such as the Canon 6D).

Such a strategy allows for the continued capture of environmental scenarios that vary in their beauty, whether rain, sleet, or snow is involved.