GoPro Photo Sequence Testing

This is another step along the path of polishing our capture-sequencing production workflow for timelapse animations using the GoPro photo sequence settings on the Hero 8.  We’re getting really close now to having things set up the way we like them, but there are still a few quirks and kinks to work out with the technology settings, especially considering variations in available natural light.

Even so, here’s the latest assembly.  This started out as more than 7000 raw photos captured over two days from an extremely stable camera location.

There are obvious fade transitions between segments where capture started and stopped, such as overnight between October 24 and 25.  However, the goal is to create seamless transitions due to a completely stable camera.  Every single one of the 7000+ photos captured was perfectly aligned.  We’re really happy about this fact.

Stay tuned as we continue tweaking some light capture issues and sequence processing limitations.

And enjoy these beautiful fall colors, despite the beautiful rainstorms! 🙂