Animation Timespace

Hidden Lake Reflection

Good afternoon, everyone!  Here is the latest piece from the Erlandson Photography Timespace film series, called Hidden Lake Reflection.  This film is the result of stitching together eleven perfectly matched timelapse sequences captured over eight consecutive days in late October and early November of 2021.

These eleven captures resulted in 17,583 photos.  About 15,000 of the photos made the final cut into this finished film.

Take a look at the film now!

In this version, the film is set to the music of Claude Debussy, his Cello Sonata. The two parts of the sonata I chose to use in this version specifically are Cello Sonata – I. Prologue – lent and Cello Sonata – III. Finale – Anime as performed by Paul Pitman and Bang-Eun Lee. (The performance recording is released to the public domain.)

Here’s the great news: I have already spoken with several musicians (individuals and bands) who have agreed to the idea of composing interpretive music, perhaps even improvisational, in response to this film.  Hopefully, once we’ve got enough versions recorded, we can release them all as a series, allowing everyone to be able to see what a difference it makes to how one perceives the visual movement and momentum based on different soundscapes.

As an example, you can watch the film again and just mute the sound, or you can watch the test sequence I originally assembled to get the timing down.  It does not have any audio.

More good news:  I’m planning to make a whole lot more of these.  I might even be able to set up a few locations where I can capture an entire YEAR of footage.  Or, at least create an annual portrait with monthly captures, or something like that! 🙂

Stay tuned to see what we continue to make here at The Wolfbird.