Oregon Skies 2021

In September 2021, Wolfbird founder and principal Ben Erlandson had a chance to travel to central Oregon for a couple weeks of vacation and exploration.  Of course, he took his camera(s).  This was an excellent opportunity to continue to test the limits of the GoPro Hero 8 for timelapse and nightlapse capture, especially in a novel (and quite beautiful) setting on the Deschutes River.

Here is one of the compilations:

Part of the fun here was using a special clamp mount to stabilize the GoPro camera on the railing of the deck extended out from the house next to the river.

We’ve been interested to test the “straight to video” capabilities of the GoPro, since the workflow is drastically reduced (as opposed to photo capture and processing), but for now the jury is still out.  However, when using the GoPro in “nightlapse” mode, it seems as though it is not possible to capture RAW photo sequences, only video.  It’ll do.  For now. 🙂