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Look Up To The End Of The Year (2021)

Here’s another animation project-series we’ve started as we closed out 2021 and head into 2022-3-4-5…. it’s called Look Up. Read the rest of this post to watch the first Look Up film!

Similar to the Hidden Lake Reflection, the Look Up project is focused on creating long form expressions of time and space, stitching together seamlessly aligned timelapse footage captured over any number of days and nights from any particular location.

In the case of Look Up, the priority is an expression of perspective that many people never think to take: looking up.  Imagine the opportunity to lie on your back for an entire week of time, in just one place, never closing your eyes, speeding up time, watching the trees, the buildings, the birds, whatever is above you, changing your perspective literally and metaphorically.

This is Look Up.

The film here, Look Up To The End Of The Year (2021), was captured between Dec 25th and 31st in 2021 (between Christmas and New Years Eve, for those that recognize these holidays).  So, essentially a week’s worth of views (not continuous) condensed down into about twelve minutes of time.  Take a look!

What is your favorite part?

We’re personally amazed at the fog footage captured near the end of the sequence, and can’t wait for the opportunity to capture more.  (It would be great if we could capture enough foggy sequences to do a standalone film, honestly!)

We’re also pretty happy with the way some of the “nightlapse” sequences turned out, through the trees, with the glimpses of clouds barely visible as the stars dance by overhead.

By the way, the music selected for this film is Fantasy, Op. 49 by Chopin, in this case performed by Pianist Olga Gurevich.  This excellent quality recording is released to the public domain, available at Musopen, a fantastic service we discovered a few months ago.

As may be expected, the origin of the Look Up project is an extension of Ben Erlandson’s still photography work, which includes many images captured using the same perspective, a practice he has been conducting for many years now.  Here are a couple samples, one from the fall of 2021:

Look Up And Wonder

And one from the winter of 2021:

Look Up

Stay tuned as we continue to create more works in this series.

And stay tuned as we work on a couple other series as well. 🙂