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Timelapse Demo Reels

We hope you enjoy a couple of timelapse demo reels we’ve put together for work compiled from 2019 until present day.  Click through to the post to watch some films!

The first film is a compilation of HD 1080p footage captured in various locations throughout 2019 and 2020.  Many places are along the escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, some in the mountains of Virginia.  The sunsets at the end were captured in Costa Rica.

The music selected for the above film is a piece called “Rough Rider” by Wastelander, found on Soundstripe.  We really like the pace and how well it matches up to the footage we selected for inclusion from our back catalog.

The second film is a compilation of timelapse clips captured at 4K resolution in 2021 and 2022, again across various locations, but mostly in the mountains of North Carolina.  This compilation also includes a variety of timelapse films shot using a GoPro Hero8 Black, both in video and still image (RAW) modes.

We’re continuing to experiment with what is possible to push the limits of weatherproof (and underwater) timelapse capture.  Stay tuned!  For now, watch the film, though.

The first song used for the above film is Ticking by Alternate Endings, and the second song used is New World Rising by Adrian Walther and Stephen Keech, also both found on Soundstripe.  We continue to be pleased with the aesthetic quality, production value, and thematic variety of musical compositions found on Soundstripe.

Erlandson Photography is responsible for composition and capture of all timelapse clips, and we hope you enjoy some of his still photography as well.  Here’s one of his recent landscapes:

Clouds Over Doughton

You can view all of his work on his web portfolio.

We’ve got a few more timelapse projects in the pipeline, including “The 360 Project” and a renewed interest in cloud-focused work.  Stay tuned as we continue to refine our process!