Animation Classes Online

A Catalog of Courses

We’re building a series of single-session one-hour classes delivered online using the Outschool platform.

These classes are designed to be taken in order or in an a la carte fashion, and as we continue to add more classes, they will range from introductory to intermediate to advanced.

Here is our expanding Outschool Course Catalog of animation classes. It’s best to consider taking these classes in order, but they are designed to be a la carte. We’re regularly adding more classes on Outschool, so be sure to check back often!

Animate That! (Getting To Know Stop Motion)

How can you make that thing move on its own? Let me show you how!  (Course Listing)

(Can We) Animate That? [Pitch Your Stories!]

What’s your story? Can we make it happen with stop motion animation? Let’s find out, and how! (Course Listing)

Plan Your Shots! (More Precision In Stop Motion Animation)

Want to make a smoother stop motion animation? Plan your shots for more precision and work on a shooting plan. (Course Listing)

Many Movements! (Even More Precision In Stop Motion Animation)

Most shots, sequences, and scenes in animated films have multiple things moving at the same time. How do we keep track of all this to make sure we get each shot captured correctly as efficiently as possible? (Course Listing)

Get Set! Building Movie Sets for Stop Motion Animation

In this one-hour workshop class, we’re going to learn about how to build sets that will help you do a better job capturing frames to bring your ideas to life as stop motion animation. (Course Listing)

Let’s Get A Little Clay-zy: Basic Claymation Animation

Claymation is a stop motion animation using clay characters (and sets). Let’s get our hands dirty and learn the basics of working with clay to animate some characters in a movie! (Course Listing)

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