Interaction Design

Interaction Design: With a background in multimedia design and production, as well as cognition, instruction, learning, assessment, and interactive technologies, we are excited to contribute to the ongoing design and development of any number of interactive media systems, whichever combination of digital and analog experiences these systems may entail.

In the interactive department, our current primary focus is working with Dr. Jamie Ferguson, a chemistry professor at Emory and Henry College in southwestern Virginia, on her Spectracular! project.  Spectracular! is a hybrid simulation of a paper card game and mobile app for learning spectroscopy as part of an undergraduate organic chemistry class.

We are currently in the early pilot stage of the project, with interaction design goals including an upgraded paper card game, instructional support materials, interactive explanatory animations, and prototypes for the mobile app and web dashboards.

Here’s a video where Dr. Erlandson, founder and principal of The Wolfbird, presents a brief overview of the hybrid simulation concept for this project.

The purpose of the pilot phase of this project is to generate the materials and data we need to build a research agenda and pursue funding from private foundations and grant making organizations such as the National Science Foundation.

We are about to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds we need to complete the pilot phase of this project.  Stay tuned!

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