360 Animation

Introducing Project 360

For a while now, we’ve been working on a big timelapse endeavor that we’ve codenamed Project 360.  Project 360 is a global geographical ecological space time perception project using a modular timelapse capture framework to generate footage and organize it—curate the footage in assembled sequences—for understanding and appreciating Planet Earth and all its inhabitants. Why […]

Animation Timespace

Timelapse Demo Reels

We hope you enjoy a couple of timelapse demo reels we’ve put together for work compiled from 2019 until present day.  Click through to the post to watch some films!

Animation Look Up

Look Up To The End Of The Year (2021)

Here’s another animation project-series we’ve started as we closed out 2021 and head into 2022-3-4-5…. it’s called Look Up. Read the rest of this post to watch the first Look Up film!


Animated Canvas Demo

Here’s a brief video where The Wolfbird Studio’s Ben Erlandson walks us through an experimental process of techniques to create several different effects in the ongoing Animated Canvas project.  This combines timelapse photography, illustration, and special effects (applied in AfterEffects) to create this particular aesthetic of the project. Clearly there are many different thematic directions […]